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Outer-Wear Trends for Autumn/Winter 2015/16

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Hugo Boss Max_Mara_006_2000_452x678



As you can see by the outer wear we have a lot to choose from. The designers are all going their own way but one common factor is that the lines are straight and simple, bringing the elegance and flattering lines back to the coat instead of the bulk we had previously. Materials range from herringbone to suede and wool to fur. Its just a matter of knowing your authentic style, and choosing the coat that enhances it.  I simply love the Emilio Pucci full length suede coat in cobalt blue – its on my wish list…what’s on yours?

8db256ab48f77acb7a2223f6a48a5ae5  (Dress from Myers accessories for Coco-Jo)













(Dress from Myer – Accessories from Coco-Jo)



Let Christmas be Simply Elegant

A gorgeous dress with simply elegant lines as the backdrop to showcase your well chosen statement accessories are all you need to stand out in the crowd this festive season.

As Coco Chanel said ‘ Women should be Classy & Fabulous’ I couldn’t agree more!

If you’re attending the Office Christmas Party remember that your image or personal branding can be harmed by any inappropriate behaviour, so enjoy the party, have a great night and keep your wits about you. You never know who is taking note.


Autumn/Winter 2014 Trends  


The Autumn Winter 2014 Trends  that hit our shores are an interpretation of what we saw on the European catwalks. Above we have the continuation of the use of leather & fur, whether your preference is real or faux fur, it’s quite prominent this winter.

  Black never goes out of fashion, but this season it’s all about the texture of the fabric, the cut outs or the movement. The LBD with added interest.

   Every shade of red has also hit our shores and was big on the catwalk in Europe…or as seen in the store windows during my visit to Paris last year, and on Fashion show here in March. A statement colour and a power colour, also reportedly most males colour choice for a woman’s dress. Couldn’t resist this animal print, I believe its here to stay and it will always be worked into an outfit in large amounts or in accessories as the trends change. The statement coat is also one of the more predominant trends this winter the opulent feel of the garment,  the richness of colour and material. Look for brocades, lace, graphic prints, satin, leather,  velvet to add to your wardrobe. A word to the wise dig out your leather jackets, specially if they are classic in design, you can’t go wrong!

Find your style.

Many women believe that they don’t know what their style is.  Style starts from within, it’s something you’re comfortable with, that makes you feel great about yourself and projects the image that you want. Start by looking at your clothes in your wardrobe – what do they say about you?Are they mostly casual and relaxed? Are they all manner of suits?  Are they a mixture of colour & texture?  This is an indication of who you are within, and what you are comfortable with. A majority of our wardrobe will have to do with our lifestyle & work environment. Are you aware of what your clothes are saying to your boss or your social acquaintances? If you are not sure, ask your inner social circle to describe you as they see you. You may be surprised by what you hear. Is it who you thought you were or do they see something different, is it what you want? You need to decide if this is the person you are and what you want others to see as you. If this isn’t what you thought and not what you want, take steps to change. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Instead find a way to blend your inner you with the image you want to project. The saying ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’ is true, but do you buy a book because the cover appeals to you? That’s usually the case, that’s why the jackets on books are made to appeal to the reader. As we know even though we say that no one judges – we actually do get judged every time we meet someone. This is not being judgmental but a way we decide whether we find the person someone we can relate to.  All this is done in a matter of less than 30 seconds and totally visual.  Therefore, what we wear, how we carry ourselves and our grooming is all taken into account. Let’s take Angelina Jolie for instance (could I have chosen anyone more glamorous?) Look at her dresses for the red carpet.     What are the common factors in all her dresses?                                  Have you noticed the repetition in her style?                            Although she may look different from very polished to more informal, there are a few things that she has incorporated into her style. Angelina firstly loves her legs. That thigh high split seems to be part of her signature style now.  She is quite casual about her hair from her loose tresses to the simplistic chignons. Her dresses are always a block colour – rarely seen in patterns or multi colours. Lastly, she wears minimal accessories, but with the best accessory in the world why would she need too?                   (photos courtesy of google images, getty images)   Angelina has found something that works for her & has made it her style. She wants to look sexy without being tacky, therefore the thigh split, but no cleavage. Solid colours are slimming & glamorous – good choice there! Her hair is part of her image, long flowing tresses, again sexy & glamorous. The dress, her leg, her hair take centre stage & being her focal points she has no need for anything but the simplest adornments (Brad not included). Look at yourself, decide what are you best features. Yes, we all have some…dress according to your body shape & colour. Have the focal points next to your best features, and above all feel good about yourself. A confident woman turns more heads than a beautiful woman. If you’re still unsure, let me assist you in discovering the style for your lifestyle, your work and most importantly YOU! 

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