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Do you have difficulty aligning who you are with your image or style?

Tanya Lococo BA, AICI CIC, founder and CEO of An Image Edge has been assisting private and corporate clients in successfully discovering how to align their image with their authentic inner self, thus enabling them to make a correct first and lasting impression.

Do you make a positive and lasting first impression? 

  Are you aware that a first impression is formed in the first 30 seconds? And that –

     55% is based on appearance  

     37% on how you sound and only

       7% on what you say!  

    We can ensure that your first impression is the most positive every time!


Have you ever thought?          

  •  I want to change or discover my individual style or image?

  • Have the changes in my life changed who I am?   
  • Do I know who I am now? Who I want to be?
  • Do I know how to create a great first impression?
  • Is my image being perceived as intended?

  • Do I have a functional yet individual wardrobe that suits me now?
  • Do I have a closet full of clothes but have nothing to wear?
  • Am I able to put together that perfect outfit for every occasion with simplistic ease?

Discover your authentic signature style, align your inner and outer self, project and showcase the real you, allowing successful relationships to develop easier.

Learn how to put together a functional and easily manageable wardrobe tailored to YOU to eliminate stress and frustration and always look confidently stylish. 

At An Image Edge, it’s about ‘Making YOU the difference!

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