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Personal Shopping

Let us assist you with the chaos of shopping.

Did you know that most people only use 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time?  

Look at your wardrobe & count each item including shoes & accessories & then average the price of each item e.g $100. If you have 100 items (all inclusive & not a number that’s difficult to achieve) in your wardrobe then you have $10,000 worth of clothes, etc.

So if you only use 20% of the wardrobe you have $8000 worth of items you don’t use!

Do you want to use your entire wardrobe & save on shopping, buying the items you will wear?

With a personal shopping expedition:-
  • You’ll be shown how to shop with ease and find what you require.
  • Learn strategies for shopping with confidence
  • Learn to never buy something that doesn’t suit and stop impulse buying
  • Create a feel good wardrobe that you know is right for you
  • If you have had a colour or style analysis we will assist with putting that knowledge into practice.

To book your Personal Shopping Experience – call Tanya on 9699-4435 or email

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